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Strawberry Roll Upz – Live Resin Delta 8 THC Vape 2G



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If you’re ready to take your vape game to a new level, we have the perfect treat for you. Introducing the Strawberry RollUps Live Resin Delta 8 THC 2G Vape—a nostalgic flavor explosion that’ll have your taste buds doing backflips!

Vape Features

  • 2G of Goodness. You’re not settling for less—each Delta 8 THC vape pen is loaded with 2 grams of premium Live Resin THC.
  • Disposable, No Hassle. No need to stress about refilling your cart or constantly charging your Delta 8 vape battery—this vape is disposable, making it convenient for your on-the-go lifestyle.
  • Indulge in Live Resin. This is not your average vape experience. Expect a fuller, richer profile of cannabinoids and terpenes for that authentic, real-deal sensation.
  • Compact and Portable. Slip it into your pocket or backpack—this Delta 8 THC vape is compact and portable, ensuring you can carry the goodness wherever you go.

Taste the Sweet Sticky Strawberry Flavor

Every puff of our Strawberry Rollup vape is like a throwback to those carefree days, unwrapping those fruity, chewy snacks but with a grown-up twist. This vape brings all the sweet, tangy strawberry flavors you love, mingled with that unmistakable fresh-from-the-plant cannabis taste, thanks to the live resin THC.

This juicy journey for your senses packs a powerful punch with 2 grams of goodness. Whether chilling with friends or enjoying some me-time, the Strawberry RollUps vibe is about keeping things light, flavorful, and oh-so-satisfying.

Get the Most Out of Your Vape

  • Start Slow. Don’t rush it. Begin with a gentle puff to ease into the experience. Remember, it’s about enjoying the vibe, not rushing the high.
  • Savor the Flavor. Take your time with each inhale. Let the strawberry goodness linger on your palate before exhaling.
  • Share the Joy. Vaping is better with friends. Share the strawberry delight with your buddies for a more communal experience.
  • Experiment a Bit. Play around with your inhale game a bit to land on that Goldilocks zone. Finding your signature style is all part of the adventure.

How to Vape Safely

  • Mind Your Dosage. Keep an eye on your dose, friends! It’s all about cruising at your own pace and finding that sweet spot where you feel just right.
  • Stay Hydrated. Keep a water bottle handy. Vaping can sometimes make you a bit parched, so stay hydrated for the best experience.
  • Know Your Surroundings. Choose a chill, relaxed environment for your vaping session. Avoid places where vaping might be a buzzkill.
  • Respect the Disposable Rules. Once your live resin Delta 8 disposable has worked its magic, dispose of it responsibly according to the rules in your location. Let’s keep things clean and green.

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Ready to explore more flavorful adventures? Head over to Trap University, where we’ve got a lineup that’ll tickle your taste buds and elevate your vaping game. Don’t just settle for the ordinary—discover the extraordinary with Trap University’s collection of the best Delta 8 disposable vapes.

INGREDIENTS: Delta 8 THC, Natural Terpenes


  • How Much Does a Delta 8 Vape Cost?

    Delta 8 vape pricing can vary based on quality and potency, but you can typically snag a solid disposable Delta 8 vape for around $20-$30. Our Strawberry RollUps, with its best Delta 8 live resin quality, is priced at $19.99, landing in that premium vape experience range.
  • What is in a Delta 8 Vape?

    While ingredients can vary by brand, most Delta 8 live resin carts contain a few key ingredients. First up is the Delta 8 distillate, a concentrated extract taken from hemp plants. This psychoactive stuff is what gives you the chill, euphoric high we all know and love. Next, you’ve got terpenes, which are basically aromatic compounds that provide strain-specific flavors and effects. The terpene profile makes one vape taste like tangy citrus while another has an earthy vibe. Some vapes might also include additional cannabinoids like CBD or CBC to deliver more balanced, rounded effects.
  • How Do I Use a Delta 8 Vape Pen?

    Using a Delta 8 THC live resin vape is as easy as inhaling and exhaling! Our vapes are draw-activated, so you just put your lips on the mouthpiece and sip away. Go low and slow on your first few rips to get a feel for the potency and find your sweet spot. You’ll want to take long, even deep inhales to really let those tasty terps and cannabinoids coat your lungs. Don’t be greedy, though—take your time and savor those delicious flavors! Once you’ve had your fill, exhale slowly and revel in that full-body Delta 8 buzz.
  • Can I Refill My Delta 8 Vape Cartridge?

    This depends on whether your vape uses a disposable Delta 8 THC vape cartridge or a refillable one. Disposables like our stellar Strawberry RollUps are designed for single use until the distillate tank is cashed. You can’t refill those. Some Delta 8 live resin cartridges have tanks you can top off with your own Delta 8 distillate when running low. This is ideal for those who prefer a reusable vape system over going through disposables. Just be sure you know whether your cart is refillable before loading more disty in there.
  • Do Delta 8 Vapes Have an Odor?

    Most Delta 8 indica vapes will have some sort of odor, though it’s typically more mild and herbal compared to marijuana smoke or vapor. The smell is slightly skunky and can linger for a bit after an extended sesh. That said, something like our live resin vapes will likely have a more pronounced strain-specific odor since they contain those potent, flavorful terpenes. If stealth is a must, maybe opt for blends without the ultra-terpy profiles or just stick to well-ventilated areas where odors can easily dissipate. A little courtesy never hurts!
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