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Pink Zaburst Runtz – HHC 2g Preroll


● 2 Grams of Premium Exotic Indoor Flower
● Rolled in Indoor Kief
● Glass Tip Filter
● HHC Infused
● Hand Broken


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Yo, fam, get ready for a wild ride with our HHC Prerolls featuring the Pink Zaburst Runtz strain – and we threw in a slick glass tip filter just ’cause we’re fancy like that.

Imagine peeling back the wrapper and getting hit with that sweet and tropical Pink Zaburst Runtz goodness. It’s like a tropical getaway for your taste buds, and here’s the kicker – with HHC, you’re catching all those vibes without the usual THC buzz. Winning, right?

So, for all you laid-back enthusiasts out there, our HHC Prerolls in the Pink Zaburst Runtz strain are the real deal. Get ready to vibe with the Pink Zaburst crew.💨🍬🌴✌️

INGREDIENTS: HHC Indoor Flower , CBG Keif


  • Can HHC Prerolls be mixed with other strains?

    Mixing HHC Prerolls with other strains is possible, but it may alter the overall cannabinoid profile and effects. Experimenting with different combinations can provide a personalized experience.
  • What is the significance of the glass tip filter in HHC Prerolls?

    The glass tip filter in HHC Prerolls enhances the smoking experience by providing a smooth draw, making each hit enjoyable. It adds a touch of luxury to the smoking ritual.
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