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Low Rider OG – THCa + THCp + THC 2g Vape


● 2000mg of live resin THCA liquid diamonds, THC & THCp
● Auto Draw with Dual Airflow
● 2000 puffs guaranteed
● Rechargeable USB-C
● Disposable
● Lab tested for premium quality


If you’re craving that perfect wake ‘n’ bake companion to kick-start your day with a burst of zesty flavor and potent effects, then say hello to the Low Rider OG vape. This Delta 9 vape is about to become your new morning ritual, bringing you a smooth blend of live THC liquid diamonds that offers a mellow yet profound experience. It’s like riding in a classic convertible, low and cool, with every inhale bringing you closer to bliss.

Features at a Glance

  • Unleash the Power. This isn’t your average THCP vape cartridge. It’s a 2000mg powerhouse brimming with Live Resin THCA Liquid Diamonds, THC, and THCP. Get ready for a next-level buzz that’ll leave the competition in the dust.
  • Effortless Euphoria. Forget fiddling with buttons. Low Rider OG has intuitive Auto Draw technology for effortless puffs of pure bliss. The Dual Airflow system delivers smooth, satisfying hits that make you feel like a vaping pro.
  • Long-Lasting Legend. We know the frustration of a dying vape. Low Rider OG is your ride-or-die companion, guaranteed for a whopping 2000 puffs that keep the party going.
  • Charge and Conquer. When it’s time to refuel your THCA disposable vape, simply plug in the included USB-C cable. There is no need for confusing adapters, just pure plug-and-play power.
  • Uncompromising Quality. Your well-being is our priority. All our Delta 9 disposable vape pens undergo thorough lab testing to guarantee the highest quality standards. We don’t compromise when it comes to what you inhale.

Experience the Citrus Burst of Low Rider OG

Imagine cutting into a bowl full of ruby red grapefruits, tangerines, and zesty lemon peels – that’s the explosive citrus rush Low Rider OG is packing. One puff transports your taste buds to a virtual citrus grove heaven.

But this isn’t just a one-note Tropicana vibe. There’s an earthy undertone grounding that is mouth-puckering zest, like freshly harvested oranges straight from the soil. It’s a flavor combo that screams sunny morning sessions and bright-eyed wake-ups.

Get the Best Experience

  • Inhale Slowly, Like a Sunrise. Use a slow, meditative sipping action for those dense, flavorful clouds when you pull from the Low Rider OG. Gentle and even is the way to go.
  • Always Roll Out Fully Charged. Nobody wants to get stranded mid-cruise with a dead battery. Make sure your vape’s juiced up to max capacity before sparking up for an uninterrupted journey.
  • Keep it Showroom Fresh. Treat your Delta 9 vape pens like a classic muscle car—give them some routine detailing. After each session, a quick wipe down of the mouthpiece keeps things tasting factory fresh.
  • Tinker Until You’re Tuned Just Right. Experiment with draw resistance, temperature, and inhale techniques until you’ve personally dialed in that perfect, goldilocks-zone setup.

Safe Vaping Practices

  • Go One Puff at a Time. Pace yourself, and don’t race through it all in one go. Take it nice and easy, gauging how that Low Rider OG hits before re-upping.
  • Secure that Stash. Keep your THCA vape pens and supplies secured safely away, out of reach of little ones and pets who could mess with them.
  • Ditch It the Right Way. When your Low Rider’s spent its last puff, be a good citizen about disposal. E-waste can be gnarly, so look up local guidelines for recycling electrical goods and vapes properly.
  • Public Parking Only. Cruising around with your vape is all good; just be mindful of bystanders. Stick to vape-friendly zones and be courteous to those not partaking by staying downwind or moving to another location.

Start Your Premium Vaping Journey with Trap University

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INGREDIENTS: THCa Live Resin, THC, THCP, Natural Terpenes


  • What are the Potential Therapeutic Benefits of THCP?

    While research is still emerging, early studies suggest THCP could potentially offer therapeutic effects similar to THC, like pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, and possibly even mood enhancement or elevation. That said, a lot more analysis is still needed.
  • Is THCP legal?

    The legality of novel cannabinoids like THCP is currently a bit hazy. While THCP occurs naturally in certain cannabis strains, most places haven’t explicitly legalized or regulated it yet. Many states, including California, Oregon, and New York, have legalized THCP if sourced from industrial hemp plants with a THC concentration lower than 0.3%, while some regions are holding back until more information is known. The key is staying up-to-date on its legal status in your specific area to stay safe. Only buy THCP vape cartridges from legitimate and licensed producers when in doubt.
  • Can THCP be Detected in Drug Tests?

    Unfortunately, yes - THCP could likely trigger a positive result on most standard drug tests screening for THC metabolites. Most tests don’t differentiate between the two since THCP is so structurally similar to THC. If you’ve got upcoming employment, sports, legal, or other high-stakes drug screenings, it’s best to ditch that THCP disposable vape for a while to be on the safe side.
  • How Does THCP Compare to Other Psychedelics?

    There’s a lot of buzz around THCP vapes potentially offering some psychedelic, hallucinogenic, or even dissociative effects, especially at higher doses. While it’s not truly psychedelic like mushrooms or LSD, some anecdotal reports describe trippy sensations like time dilation, increased synesthesia, and altered headspaces. However, a lot more studies are still needed to legitimately understand the similarities and differences between THCP’s psychoactivity compared to traditional psychedelics.
  • Can I Use THCP in Combination with Other Cannabinoids for Enhanced Effects?

    Absolutely! Many vape enthusiasts are already experimenting with mixing THCP with more traditional cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, and even rarer ones like THCV. The idea is that these different molecules can synergize and amplify each other’s effects in unique ways. For instance, pairing THCP’s potent psychoactivity with some CBD may help give you a more rounded, relaxing high, while adding in some CBG might boost its potential pain-relieving properties. The key, as always, is starting low and going slow when mixing cannabinoids, especially potent ones like THCP.
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Low Rider OG - THCa + THCp + THC 2g Vape Low Rider OG - THCa + THCp + THC 2g Vape
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El mejor!

5 months ago

Best disposable vape on the market. Flavor is 💯 💯

5 months ago
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