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Lemon Cherry Gelato – HHC 2g Preroll


● 2 Grams of Premium Exotic Indoor Flower
● Rolled in Indoor Kief
● Glass Tip Filter
● HHC Infused
● Hand Broken


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Get ready to spice up your smoke game with our HHC Prerolls featuring the tantalizing Lemon Cherry Gelato strain – now with a cool glass tip filter for that extra touch of class. These aren’t just joints; they’re like a flavor-packed vacation for your taste buds.

Picture unwrapping one of these bad boys and catching a whiff of the zesty Lemon Cherry Gelato goodness. It’s like a fruity fiesta that’s about to go down in your smoking session. And guess what? The HHC in the spotlight brings the vibes without the usual THC high – it’s like the best of both worlds.

For all you laid-back enthusiasts out there, our HHC Prerolls in the Lemon Cherry Gelato strain are the real deal. It’s not just a joint; it’s a flavor-packed, glass-tipped adventure. Get ready to spice up your smoke game in the chillest way possible. 💨🍋🍒✌️

INGREDIENTS: HHC Indoor Flower , CBG Keif


  • How does HHC differ from Delta 9 THC in Prerolls?

    HHC is a structural isomer of Delta 9 THC, meaning they have the same atoms but arranged differently. HHC may offer a unique psychoactive experience compared to Delta 9 THC.
  • Are HHC Prerolls legal?

    The legality of HHC Prerolls depends on local regulations. It's crucial to check the legal status of cannabinoids in your location before purchasing or using such products.
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