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Benz Boyz Lemon Cherry – THCa + THCp + THC 2g Vape


● 2000mg of live resin THCA liquid diamonds, THC & THCp
● Auto Draw with Dual Airflow
● 2000 puffs guaranteed
● Rechargeable USB-C
● Disposable
● Lab tested for premium quality


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Ready to turn your vaping game up a notch? Meet the Benz Boyz Lemon Cherry—the vape that’s not just a cloud-maker but a flavor experience on wheels. Picture yourself cruising down the boulevard in a swanky Benz, surrounded by the tantalizing aroma of citrus and cherries. That’s the vibe that this sleek Delta 9 vape brings with every hit.

Product Features

  • 2000mg Heavyweight Blend. Packed with THCA diamonds, THC, and the ultra-potent THCP—our strongest Delta 9 disposable blend is ready to elevate your vaping experience.
  • Automatic Draw Tech. Say goodbye to buttons and hello to smooth, no-fuss vaping bliss. The automatic draw tech ensures you get the good stuff effortlessly.
  • Dual Airflow Magic. Engineered for perfection, our Dual Airflow system gives you dense, insanely smooth rips—because who needs harsh hits?
  • Massive Puff Lifespan. With a massive 2000 puffs, before you need to recharge, this THCA vape is ideal for when you’re on the go and for long chill sessions.
  • Rechargeable USB-C. The convenient rechargeable USB-C design keeps the good vibes flowing. If you have a phone charger, you can power up your vape.
  • Portable and Disposable. Our THCP vape is portable, disposable, and leaves no mess—it’s the eco-friendly stick you’ve been waiting for.
  • Quality Assurance. We take cannabis quality seriously! Every batch undergoes comprehensive third-party testing, ensuring you get premium-quality cannabinoids with every hit.

Enjoy the Juicy Tang of Benz Boyz Lemon Cherry

Pop the cap on this vape and it’s like rolling down the windows of a brand-new Benz whipping through a sunlit citrus orchard. The bright, zesty lemon notes hit you first, puckering your taste buds with tangy delight.

But then a lush, candied cherry undercurrent comes through smooth as silk, perfectly balancing that mouth-watering tartness. It’s a vibrant flavor symphony made for long, luxurious vape pulls like you’re living that Benz Boyz lifestyle with every exhale.

Best Vaping Guidelines

  • Start with some short sips to acquaint yourself with the lush flavors and powerful THCP kick.
  • Dial in the airflow resistance to your Goldilocks zone – make it tighter for thick, hearty plumes of vapor.
  • Keep your Delta 9 vape pen charged and ready for uninterrupted vaping pleasure.
  • Experiment with inhale speeds and techniques until you’ve perfected cloud production.
  • Routinely clean your THCA disposable vape to keep things tasting as fresh as a spring lemon orchard.

Tips for Safer Vaping

  • Easy with the gas pedal – know your limits and don’t overindulge.
  • Keep your THCA vape pens supply secured from kids, pets, or anything that could damage it.
  • Buy THCP vape cartridges and Delta 9 disposable vape pens only from trusted sources that are transparent about the ingredients inside.
  • Proper storage matters – no excessive heat, light, or humidity exposure to preserve the quality of your vape cartridge.
  • Be mindful of vaping in public spaces or anywhere that could impact others. Not everyone enjoys the funky fumes of a THC vape.
  • Stay hydrated to avoid that dreaded cottonmouth discomfort from overuse.

Rev Your Engines Benz Boyz Lemon Cherry

Ready to roll with the Trap University Benz Boyz? Explore the selection at Trap University for premium cannabis products, including the best Delta 9 vape pens, gummies, and pre-rolls. Your taste buds will thank you.

Find your perfect legal Delta 9 vape and indulge in the smooth hit of THCA—it’s not just a vape; it’s an experience. Locate THCA near you at Trap University and join the vape club with Benz Boyz Lemon Cherry.

INGREDIENTS: THCa Live Resin, THC, THCP, Natural Terpenes


  • What is THCP?

    THCP, the buzz-worthy cannabinoid in vaping circles, is THC’s potent, lesser-known cousin. Scientifically known as Δ9-tetrahydrocannabiphorol, it’s molecularly similar to THC but with an extended tail part that allows it to bind way more effectively to our cannabinoid receptors in the body. That unique structure is what gives our THC vape pen with Delta 9 THCP its extremely high potency.
  • How Does THCP Differ from THC?

    While THCP and THC are definitely cut from the same parent plant, THCP takes the potency up to another level entirely. That unique molecular makeup is thought to be what allows THCP to produce way more intense psychoactive effects, even at lower doses. We’re talking wildly amplified euphoria and full-on altered headspaces on a level with actual psychedelics like mushrooms or acid.
  • Does THCP Produce Psychoactive Effects?

    THCP packs some serious psychoactive punch, arguably even more so than the highest of high-THC cannabis strains. That’s kind of its whole claim to fame. Effects can vary from euphoric bliss to vivid hallucinations, synesthesia, distortions of your sensory perception, and full-blown psychedelic mindscapes. Basically, if you’re looking to get blasted to another astral plane while still staying somewhat grounded compared to traditional psychs, THCP disposable vapes deliver that experience in a uniquely potent way. Just make sure you start low and work your way up responsibly.
  • How Long Does the Psychoactive Effect of THC + THCP Last?

    The combination of THC and THCP in our vape means your psychoactive joyride has some surprisingly serious legs compared to a standard weed high. Most report that explosive initial rush kicks in hard around 10 minutes after consumption. The peak lasts for 1-3 hours as the effects intensify.
  • Can THCP be Naturally Found in Hemp-Derived Products?

    The short answer is potentially, but don’t hold your breath for any serious effects. Similar to Delta 8, hemp plants and extracts could theoretically contain teeny tiny trace amounts of THCP as it occurs naturally through degradation and aging of the raw plant material. However, these minuscule organic THCP levels usually aren’t high enough to produce any tangible psychoactive punch on their own. For THCP products to be actually worth writing home about, they need to be isolated and concentrated through semi-synthetic processes from hemp-derived CBD extracts first.
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Benz Boyz Lemon Cherry - THCa + THCp + THC 2g Vape Benz Boyz Lemon Cherry - THCa + THCp + THC 2g Vape
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